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Reopening Date Announced!

After two and a half years we intend to restart our heritage service on Saturday 28th May. Timetables and fares will be posted on this site soon, so please keep checking for updates.

In preparation for the services restarting in a few weeks time, we ran a short test train from the depot to Wolsingham Station using Class 122 bubble car ‘55012’, after it underwent a period of maintenance and examination.

This also coincided with press photos taken in readiness for the start of a safety campaign to remind the local community and visitors to the dale of the dangers of trespassing on the railway and inform them that services are due to restart imminently. Later this month, we will run a series of shadow running trains to facilitate competency refresher training for our operational volunteers, before we can start welcoming you all back to the line!

An article from Northern Echo can be found here:


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