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Partners / Owners

The Weardale Railway Trust

The Weardale Railway Trust is the supporting volunteer charity for the project and works with Weardale Railway Limited, the company which owns the line and its associated infrastructure. The Trust provides volunteers to help maintain the line and stations, and assist in operating services operated by Weardale Railway Limited.

Weardale Railway Limited

Weardale Railway Limited is the holding company for the railway. It is 100% owned by The Auckland Project (TAP). WRL provides management services for the railway and is the responsible body to the official Railway authorities.

Weardale Railway Heritage Services Limited

Weardale Railway Heritage Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Weardale Railway Trust. It has previously been responsible for organising and operating the heritage passenger trains over the line, with Trust members providing the volunteer effort.

The Auckland Project

The Auckland Project is a regeneration charity which for the last nine years has sought to create opportunities and drive investment into Bishop Auckland and the surrounding area. It believes that the purchase of Weardale Railway will be a further catalyst for change and consolidate its investment to date of £200m in the region. More information can be found on their website.



More details on the history and development of these companies can be found here.

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