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Maintenance Exam on Class 142 Pacer Underway

Over the past couple of weeks, members of our engineering team including Kevin Richardson, John Hargreaves and Tom Hatton have been conducting an 'A' exam on the Trust's recently acquired pacer set '142078' in the maintenance shed at Wolsingham Depot to ensure that it is fit and ready to enter traffic on our line.

Work includes inspecting all the door mechanisms and electrical interlocking, drawgear between the two cars, brakes, wheels, air systems, heating, batteries and internal and external lighting, as well as checking the oil levels on the engines, transmissions and final drives (amongst many other tasks).

Whilst we can't yet give a date for it entering passenger service, we intend to start crew training in the near future, so will keep you updated.

Photo 1 - Checking and lubricating the door mechanisms (Courtesy of Ruth Carroll)

Photo 2 - Testing the electrical systems for the doors (Courtesy of Tom Hatton)

Photo 3 - Inspecting the drawgear between the two cars (Courtesy of Tom Hatton)

Photo 4 - 142078 over a maintenance pit at Wolsingham Depot (Courtesy of Tom Hatton)


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