Bid for the purchase of an additional class 121 diesel unit

To safeguard reliable services and enable expansion the Trust sought pledges from supporters, either as donations or loans towards the estimated £50,000 needed to purchase one of the two units currently being offered for sale by Chiltern Railways and bring it into use in Weardale.  Contributions  would  only be required in the event of a successful bid.

The total amount pledged was  £49,594. ( this included £3,766 in donations and £22,985 pledged as loans)


Following our appeal, we made a realistic bid for one of these railcars. We are disappointed that our bid did not succeed.

Our bid was third, so Chiltern will take it up again if one of the winning bids does not complete.


With such an amazing response to the appeal, the Trust will continue to look for a suitable vehicle to complement

and to extend the existing Heritage service.