Work has continued on the main roof area of the unit as well as the two cab roofs. After cleaning and re-riveting the volunteer team applied four coats of light grey flexible paint to the aluminium roof of both cars.  Several coats of white paint were also used on the fibreglass cab domes.


The aluminium ventilation cowls were removed, repainted and refitted, although it was found that three of the original aluminium cowls were replaced with steel ones. These had corroded quite badly. Not wishing to reuse these, the team have plated over the vent holes until replacements can be resourced.


With the exception of fitting toughened glass to the cab dome on 52054 the whole roof is now finally watertight. The external guttering has also been cleaned and repainted to match the existing green paintwork.


The unit is now due for a class ‘B’ examination to check it is safe to operate, after which it will be moved outside from the workshop pit  so that work can commence restoring the interior in daylight conditions.

ins running all weekend between Stanhope and Witton le Wear


All Photos : Tom Hatton

The 108 Unit after roof restoration September 2021

The108 Unit at Scotch Isle in January 2021