Celebrating Volunteers’ Week 1-7 June

Next week sees a national week-long celebration of volunteers and volunteering. Without our skilled and able volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to complete work behind the scenes, within our shop or operate our trains, so a big thank to you all. We would appreciate your comments celebrating the work of our volunteers #volunteersweek

On an average running day, we require 7 volunteers, over the period from Easter to Halloween this equates to 574 roster vacancies during our operational period …. And this doesn’t factor in the other volunteering activities needed to help keep the Weardale Railway functioning. For those of you who volunteer with us, or for other organisations/ charities giving some of your time can be a rewarding experience. Usually there is always an affiliation to a group or cause that attracts people to give up their time willingly. Volunteering also allows individuals to learn new skills, increase confidence, share local history, meet new people, encourage and nurture, repair and restore, have friendship, team work, enjoy yourself and to achieve success. Charities and groups also benefit from the skills that volunteers bring and contribute to making a successful operation.

We’ve attracted additional volunteers in the early part of the year, we are always in need, we want to grow and can’t do this without you, why not come and join us, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch on 07719 757755 or email info@weardale-railway.org.uk and check out our website to see the different roles you can get involved with www.weardale-railway.org.uk/volunteering