Work has continued on the 108 during the ongoing phases of the Coronovirus pandemic, moving on from work on the gearbox and gauges to concentrate on the structural components. The headcode boxes and the wooden window surrounds have been repaired.


 One major area needing attention was the aluminium roof.  The roof panels have been cleaned and where necessary, re-riveted. The cab roof has been cleaned and sanded.  The roof ventilation cowls have all been removed, shotblasted and repaired. 


The volunteer workforce  are now tackling the interior floor of the unit. The seats have been taken out for access, the aluminium ducting removed, cleaned and degreased.  It is apparent that several of the floor panels will need to be replaced – quotes are being obtained for panels to replace those beyond repair.

All Photos : Tom Hatton

108 1.png

The108 Unit at Scotch Isle in January 2021

108 2.png

The Class 108 roof panelling after cleaning and re-riveting : July 2021

108 3.png

 Class 108 Interior, cleared for floor inspection : July 2021