Progress update on Weardale Railway Trust steam locomotive

The Trust owned Robert Stevenson & Hawthorn 0-6-0 Steam engine No. 40 is currently undergoing its 10 year boiler overhaul at H.A. McEwens, Cowley. Members of Trust council recently visited earlier in July to get an update on progress with her boiler. Trustees were pleased with how project is progressing and the quality of work, although expectations of when we originally expected the boiler to be reunited with frames has had to be put back to 2019 unfortunately.


There is a number of tasks which are time and labour intensive to complete, with the inner firebox, 600 short stays, 9 long stays (need making and fitment), all the tubes as well as the front tube plate to fit. There is a need for McEwen’s to collect the smoke box and other items at Wolsingham Depot to fit whilst they have the boiler, this will make rebuild more straightforward in the long term. Pictures show some of the work to date.