Bid for the purchase of a ‘Derby Lightweight’ class 108 2 car unit

To safeguard reliable services and enable expansion the Trust sought pledges from supporters, we are in a position again to make an offer on a 2- car 108 unit from Bodmin and Wenford Railway. We would be grateful of your help. Contributions  would  only be required in the event of a successful bid


The unit consists of vehicles M50980, a Derby Built 1959 Driver Motor Brake Second (DMBS) and M52054, a Derby Built 1960 Driver Motor Composite lavatory. The 108 has been in regular service for many years at Bodmin but has become surplus to requirements after the purchase of the ex-Chilterns Railway Bubble Car last year. The unit last ran in passenger service in September 2017. The unit was repainted winter 16/17 and is presented in BR Green.

Also included in the sale is a defunct engine. This was replaced from this unit a few years ago and has been kept providing a source of spares such as cylinder heads etc. Viewing is welcomed, and the unit will be able to be seen in operation.


Appointments for viewing are being taken AM and PM on Wednesday 28th February to Saturday 3rd March. Only those interested parties who have made an appointment will be shown the vehicles. 

Sealed bids must be received by 5pm on Monday 5th March 2018. The successful bidder will be contacted by Friday 9th March. 


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