The longstanding joint project to connect the Network Rail (NR) and Weardale Railway platforms at Bishop Auckland is now moving forward.  NR have already undertaken some preparatory work on their portion of the path by repairing/replacing much of what was left of the original Crook platform at Bishop Auckland. 

 An existing grant from the Association of Community Rail Partnerships (ACoRP) provided  £20,000 towards the cost of providing a direct connecting path and now with the addition of monies from a benefactor, the WR Trust and The Auckland Project we have sufficient funds secured to complete the work on WR portion of the path. 

We have requested that the main NR contractor continues their project to complete the works on their land.  The timescale is for completion in July.


Network Rail preparatory work at Bishop Auckland, looking west towards the Weardale platform.

Photo : G Hirst