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03 September 2009                WEARDALE RAILWAY: NEWS UPDATE : No.24




Bishop Auckland, looking west: The completed turnout with new point motor, Weardale line runs straight ahead.
           ( Photo : D Scott)

            Bishop Auckland looking east from           platform end.
            (Photo M Westerfield ) 



Bridge 12 near Escomb Village – a Grade 2 listed skew bow spring  bridge - before work began.
( T Horner )   

Bridge 12 with work underway on the wrought and cast iron  members.
(Photo T Horner)




The Class 73 (73139) near Ashes House Crossing on the 11.45  ex Stanhope on 23rd August.
(Photo, J Lewins)
Newly repainted 73139 in Stanhope station.
( Photo : D Scott)

The Witton le Wear Crossing keepers cabin restoration continues – the east side windows 
and shutters in place.
(Photo : D Scott) 

Parsons Byers : 1 September – fallen trees block 
           the line. RMS & WR staff and volunteers start the clearance work.
( Photo : D Scott)



Friday 18th September (setting up) – anytime from 1000 until 2100

Saturday 19th September (daytime event) – 0800 until 1700

Saturday 19th September (evening event) – 1700 until 2300

Sunday 20th September (daytime event) – 0800 until 1700

Sunday 20th September (after event) – 1700 until 2100

We are looking for volunteers to help in the following areas:-

Entrance gate staff

Car park stewards

Bar staff

Litter pickers

Station gift shop

Station café

Operating station tannoy / sound effects

Celebrity 5-aside football (Sunday)

Looking after attractions within the station (Cinema etc)

Junior Club members will again play the part of evacuees on both days. If you are able to assist either for a full or part of a day please let me know .  (David Million )  CONTACT :- Telephone: 01388-747683, Mobile: 07711-017980, Email: david.million@wrjc.org.uk

Pictures taken at the Volunteer Barbeque on August 15th  ( Photos : T Wansbury)
Presentation by Trust Chairman, Kevin Hillary to Munro Odell for his major contribution  in the running of  Stanhope station . 
( Photos : T Wansbury)


Photographs taken by Alistair Gregory on September 2nd, during the tree clearing operations at Parson Byers.
   Norman Swindle is the Class 73 driver. Top right - looks as if the rails needed attention as well.

Edited by  Gerry Mudd.
Please send emails, comments, queries, suggestions and contributions to :-   gcmudd@ntlworld.com  , thanks.




10 August 2009                WEARDALE RAILWAY: NEWS UPDATE : No.23






Wilf Hume on the footplate of  No 40
on Saturday August 1.                            
                                (Photos :  I Gardner)

Wilf with his daughter, Margaret Gibson, and her husband Joe, grandson Alex Gibson, and greatgrandchildren Emily and Noah Gibson.



Witton le Wear Crossing Keepers cabin
as at August 1.                                               

Bishop Auckland station east end looking 
Darlington with new point-work on site.
 ( Photo :K Hillary)                                                



A John Lewins photo of No 40 
in action on August 2 

A prominent donor to the restoration of No 40
is Fred Leverinck from Holland seen here with his
son on August 1                               (Photo :D Scott)



  G C Mudd

Nominations for Trust directors / Proxy AGM voting form:
The relevant form for Trust director nomination is here.
The form to grant a proxy vote at the AGM is here.


25 July 2009                   WEARDALE RAILWAY: NEWS UPDATE : No.22






Before and after photographs of the North Tyneside sidings at Percy main, a recent contract handled by the team from RMS Locotec who are now working on the track towards Bishop Auckland 
                                                                                                                              ( Photos : M Fairburn / A Gregory)





No 40 before its first trial run pictured from left Steve Race Maintenance Manager and  Graham Richardson and Keith McNally.

Arriving at Stanhope on Sunday 12th with the three Mk 1 coaches plus griddle car and plenty of spectators.
                                                      (photo : J Askwith)





Two Photos from John Lewins of the Sunday Gang on a very bosky stretch of the Wensleydale Railway. He was accompanied by, amongst others Peter Shields, Mike Wood, Bernard Morris and Trust Chairman Kevin Hillary.

Some of the vehicles at the classic car rally on the 12th July  (Photo : J Askwith) 

A gleaming No 40, complete with Weardale railway Crest on the run round loop at Stanhope station on July 12.         ( J Askwith)

No 40 at Wolsigham in front of an admiring crowd on July 11th.  The cake headboard and balloons are to celebrate a passengers first birthday.
                                                    ( Photo J Lewins)   

Storming up the grade on the same day. Not all the denizens of Weardale are impressed however.
                                                            (Photo J Askwith)





Two more before and after photos from the RMS Locotec team now working on the Weardale Railway. These were taken earlier this  year on the narrow gauge electric railway between Douglas and Ramsey on the Isle Of Man  ( A Gregory)



·         LEVEL CROSSINGS: Steve Bissell reports that there are 4 level crossings between Harperley and Wear Valley Junction which require the submission of level crossing orders (Witton – le Wear, Abattoir, McNeils and Enginemans Terrace). Most of the information required is now ready and submission of the consultation documents may be possible in the next week. Following submission of the consultation documents a material schedule will be produced for the crossing construction and additionally for the signage at the footpath and accommodation crossings.


·         THE BISHOP AUCKLAND CONNECTION - STOP PRESS: We have just received confirmation from Network Rail that they have now assembled all the materials required to complete the reconnection between the Weardale Railway and the Bishop Auckland – Darlington line. No date yet set but the work is expected to be completed in the very near future. (A Gregory)


·         WITTON LE WEAR CROSSING CABIN: The team of volunteers (Trevor Hewitt, John Wardell and David Scott) reinstating the cabin are making good progress. The re-roofing is now complete and new glazing and shutters installed in the west side window and a new door frame fitted.

Witton le Wear Crossing Keepers Cabin, progress photo, roof complete, window in place.
                                                                 ( T Hewitt)  

Finally a scene from sister company the Rio Grande Scenic Railway in Colorado. A mixed train heading towards the La Veta pass, the highest standard gauge railroad pass in the Rockies – it requires 1,700 ft of ascent.
I lived in Matlock and at a young age I became involved with heritage railways, moving up through a series of operational roles such as Guard, Station Master, footplate crew and operations management over the next ten years. At 19 I joined Fragonset Railways at Derby, and then transferred to become part of the excellent team at RVEL.  In 2007 I joined RMS Locotec to help manage the Isle of Man Projects.  Before leaving I was actively volunteering at Wirksworth, a project with many similarities to Weardale.  I’m looking forward to working with the volunteers over the next two months as we move towards changing a five mile railway into an eighteen mile one."

There is probably more than enough to digest in this update so I will hold over an Editorial until the next issue.

G C Mudd  

Please send your contributions, comments, questions, photos etc to : gcmudd@ntlworld.com



Pevious Supporters' Snippets

Volunteering with the Weardale Railway

 If you have ever visited or contacted the Weardale Railway then chances are, you will have been helped by one of our volunteers – simply put we couldn’t exist without them!
Volunteering for Weardale Railway is a great way to get involved with your local community, make new friends and learn new skills (which could even help you find work or develop a new career). Whatever your age, whether you’re male or female, if you have a couple of hours to spare or can make a more regular commitment, we need your help. Our normal age range is from 11 – 70 (but there is no upper age limit).  We now have a Junior Club with members of school age who will be able help under supervision.

 So what can I do?
We always have regular and one-off projects that we need help with, so whether you are working, at home, studying or looking to develop your career or skills, volunteering with Weardale Railway is a fantastic way to spend your time.

We are always looking for help with a whole host of tasks and roles including: 

  • Ticket sales
  • Book-keepers
  • Guards and ticket inspectors
  • Promotion and marketing
  • Administration
  • Station maintenance
  • Café
  • Gardening and planting
  • Drivers
  • Crossing keepers
  • Controllers
  • Painting and plumbing
  • Track maintenance
  • Depot maintenance
  • Track patrollers
  • Gift Shop
  • Organising events

 And the benefits…
Great company, a friendly working environment, free travel on the railway and a quarterly newsletter.

Potential volunteers must first become a member of the Weardale Railway Trust in order to provide protection under the Trust's insurance. Once this has been done new members can apply to become a volunteer. 

Please click on the following links for each form: 

Weardale Railway Trust Application Form Volunteer & Junior Club Application Form

For more information about volunteering please download this volunteer recruitment pack.

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